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We want the stock item updated in erpnext, but they are showing following errors

  1. We have 85000+ stock in the system, and we want to import it but the system showing Timeout error for
    upto 5000 records.
  2. And also items not getting exported with data when we are trying to do this they are showing following
    - 504 Gateway Time-out

For 1, try to import 5000 at a time or try to import using command line. Helpful article here

Actually, you may want to even scale back that number to 3000 records depending on the resources in your server.

When I had to import a little over 20k records of “Item” I found that the amount of data fields included could affect the total number of records you attempt to import. In my initial tests I imported 4800 records at a time to make sure I could get close to the predicted max number of records in an import block. But those 4800 records were only the “Mandatory Fields” in Item. When I later tried to import 4800 records on the same server where about 75% of the columns in the “Item” data were populated, I ran into timeout errors. It wound up at about 3000 records for me to get successful import blocks.

The server was Ubuntu 16.04 running on a KVM style VPS host with 250gb of disk space and 6gb of memory. You will have to divide your data into smaller chunks and test your server.

This is just my experience and you mileage may vary :grin: