How to switch back to previous version?

I have recently updated the app to version 7 and I am facing many issues with this new version. Could you please tell me a way to switch back to previous version as everything worked perfectly for me with that version.


Post new issues on github, they will be solved eventually.

It will be future proof to solve issues and migrate successfully rather than staying back on v6

Discuss features you like or don’t like here on forum, it will improve version 7.

What can be done is restoring the backup, if it was taken before migrating.

Backups are in ~/frappe-bench/sites/[sitename]/private/backups/

you will have to setup a frappe-bench which is set to v6 branch and restore the backups there.

bench switch-to-branch v6 [ frappe | erpnext ]

I didn’t take the backup. So, I think I won’t be able to do this.


I think the only proper way to do a Version upgrade is to

  1. make a copy of the running system
  2. do the upgrade and test it (which you still use the previous Version in your production) on that copy

that’s now too late for you maybe but in case anyone else is consulting this thread it might be useful advice

I want to downgrade and not upgrade.


Hi Kumar_Akshay,

You can Switch but it is risky.

when you migrate v6 to v7 frappe apply patches, patches will change database
as their is no reverse patches, so may be it cause of database inconsistency.

you can switch back to previous version by following command from bench
ex :- switch to v6 then

bench switch-to-v6
bench update