[How to] Switch from brach dev to stable / pls help

I’m using
education 0.0.1
erpnext 15.0.0-dev
frappe 15.0.0-dev
helpdesk 0.10.0
hrms 15.0.0-dev
lms 1.0.0
payments 0.0.1
print_designer 1.0.0
website_builder 0.0.1
Wiki 2.0.0
I want to switch from brach dev to stable can someone guide me

run this command in bench folder

bench switch-to-branch version-15 frappe erpnext hrms --upgrade
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Try bench restart

I have bench restarted and restarted the frappe server but this error still exists, Pls help me

Can you share the error traceback in your browser console also?

when I log out and the above error appears

Run these commands in order prescribed

bench restart
bench setup requirements
bench update --patch
bench build
bench restart
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