How to switch from Desk to React app (using Frappe React SDK) without logging in?

I am working on a Application which use Doppio (GitHub - NagariaHussain/doppio: A Frappe app (CLI) to magically setup single page applications and Vue/React powered desk pages on your custom Frappe apps. - wrapped Frappe React SDK) to build react app which is on my Custom App and having problem with authentication when switching from Desk to React app.

My flow is:
(1) A User login to Frappe, most of his works can be done by frappe default UI.
(2) Just some special features they will work on Custom UI (I am using Frappe React SDK to build this) by clicking on a link “Try our best feature” on Workspace => navigate to the React app, hosted on the same frappe site.

Now in the react app, if I want to query data, it requires authentication, seems the user must login once again (which done at step (1)). => this looks so bad UX.

How can I let the user working on react app without requires him to login again? Please

Thank you.