How to sync variant with item In Shopify through erpnext?

@ankush please Help?

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I Am Also Facing Same Issue
Plz Help

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I’m also facing the same issues.
Tried things but couldn’t find any lead. @ankush @rmehta


Facing same issue. If anyone could help, that would be a huge thank you

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Are you talking about Ecommerce integration app’s shopify integration?

Currently ERPNext → Shopify pushing isn’t supported for variants.

It’s open and part of backlog Allow uploading variant items to shopify · Issue #60 · frappe/ecommerce_integrations · GitHub

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is your team working on this feature?
if you have any lead how we can do it any possible way please suggest.
I’m working on this.

Hello, has the issue been resolved? I also want to know it for working site link.