How to take backup from erpnext

I am using erpnext version 4 in virtual box. Please someone help me how to take backup and restore the databases and files.


run bench backup command then you will get backup in frappe-bench/sites/sitename.local/private/files/backup

for restore run following command

bench --site sitename.local --force restore 'path to sql file'

Sambhaji Kolate,
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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Thank you! Now I could see my backup db and files. But in UI, when I was trying to download the db and files, setup->system->Download Backup was not opening. Please help me to download the files and database.

please help me

Why don’t you just take a backup of the VM?

@Racer_Aravind set your host_name in site_config file