How to take local backup locally and in dropbox of ERPNext installed via Oracle Virtual Box

I want to take local backup for my ERPNext installed locally via Oracle Virtual Machine. I just want to be sure that I don’t loose my data in case of mishappening to my computer/ OS and or to Virtual Machine (Oracle Virtual Box).
I am new to all these and I updated site_config.json file.

I created Dropbox app and allowed the app in ERPNext Dropbox setup. I setup for daily backups.

But when I press allow button it opens a new blank tab always with url showing auth. token.

I do not know what’s happening

Thanking you

if you can take backup with

~/frappe-bench$ bench backup --with-files

they will be available on vm or

search for “Download Backups” in awesome bar.

for setting up dropbox backup

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@revant_one Thank you for your reply.
It seems you did not read my question properly. I don’t know anything about ~/frappe-bench$ bench backup --with-files
How to use this procedure?
What is ~/frappe-bench$ bench backup --with-files
How to access site_config.json file?
Is this file located somewhere on my PC’s Hard disk?

Start your vm and login to it.

All these commands are to be entered inside the VM’s terminal.

site_config.json file is also located inside the VM.

present working directory should be the frappe-bench directory before executing the command bench backup --with-files
Refer for more

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Thank you very much @revant_one

Now I can go upto /frappe-bench/sites/erpnext.vm$
I can see file site_config.json under erpnex.vm directory when i type dir and enter but I don’t know how to open it and update dropbox username and password in the site_config.json file

you can use nano text editor.
edit the file and Ctrl + X to quit, it’ll ask to save if you modified the file, follow the prompt.

nano site_config.json

Note : All the bench commands are to be executed in frappe-bench.

I downloaded the nao text editor.
But I am unable to install it
I went to cmd and could manage to go to nano-2.7.0 directory.
After that I am unable to install
as the instruction says
make install
but the command ./configure does not work in cmd

Have you tried the command nano?
I comes pre-installed in many distros

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I will try
Do I have to type nano just after frappe-bench$

Thank you sir @revant_one
I am bothering you too much but please understand that I am very new to all this.
OK now I am in nano editor
How to bring site_config.json file in nano editor?

I changed the site_config file for dropbox like below:
IS IT OKAY SIR @revant_one
Now my localhost:8080 says: Internal Server Error


I have removed your image for the sake of your own security, because it showed your Dropbox key.

Also, that is actually not the right way to do it, you need to add the two keys inside the brackets, and make sure there are commas. That’s why your ERPNext is now showing an error. Instead of adding a whole new section, modify the one above.

It should look like:

 "db_name": "demo", 
 "db_password": "DZ1Idd55xJ9qvkHvUH", 
 "dropbox_access_key": "ACCESSKEY", 
 "dropbox_secret_key": "SECRECTKEY" 
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Thank you very very much. My problem is solved. ERPNext can now access my dropbox folder. I am sure now my backups will automatically go to my dropbox. I will report in 24 hours if my backup is there in my dropbox folder or not. THANK YOU @vjFaLk @revant_one


I thought I would see backup files in Dropbox but even after 3 days the folder is empty. I am unable to setup the backup. I don’t know why it’s so difficult. It should have been a very easy process.

When I press -Allow- Button It takes me to the following url but the page is blank

I don’t know why this page is blank.
Unable to setup Dropbox backups please HELP

Please look at it.

I’m honestly not sure why this is happening. What version is your ERPNext / Frappe? Is it updated?

Regret late reply
Please look at it @vjFaLk

When I press Allow Button for Dropbox Backup in Setup using Microsoft Edge the following page comes up.