How to trace credits in multiple currencies

Hello there,

We are a distributor company. So we have several brands in our hands.

Some of our products are being sold with euro, some with usd also some with local currency

I can enter sales invoice in any currency that’s great
But when I check the statement of account for one firm it is only in our default currency
I would like my customers to pay euro invoices in euro, usd invoices in usd and I want to keep those records in multiple currencies

Please show me how?

Thanks beforehand




But as I said before, I can issue invoices to a customer in USD, EUR or local currency. And I would like to trace their debits accordingly. Usd invoice to be paid in usd eur in eur
It is quite hard to enter same exchange rate and it will not be accurate. For example I issued 10 invoices total 20000 eur within a month. And they are paying partly 10000 eur in 30 months and 10000 at another month. How can I trace them
In my opinion, best option is creating a customer for each currency, and bank account in each currency. Enter invoices according to currency. But not seems professional

create customer master per currency billing and set receivable account per currency as well in customer master…

i.e. Customer A uses USD billing with receivable account USD too…this way you can track its invoices and receivables per currency

We tried it but it doesn’t work
Even we create a customer with eur and a euro payable account. When you try to make euro payment entry system doesn’t let you choose euro payable account and only lets company’s default currency only.
I don’t understand how this problem is overlooked so far.
It is so significant for us that we may move our records to another system.
It should be too easy for the developers to implement such features to let users to trace and records multi currency payments as invoice currency
We Really started digging odoo now
We were too happy with it while entering all invoices
Hope someone can help me with this and I keep using erpnext

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