How To Trace The Next Action?

hello everyone,
I want To know how to trace the next action.
my employees didn’t know the workflow sometimes, and I want to add a label to show them hows the person that will do the Action Next

What exactly are your employees trying to do?

I got a very long workflow in Purchase Request
And I want to add in my DOCType the next action how will do it.
For example:- the second action is department manager and he approved after that the finance, what i need is lable shows them how will do it after the department manager did.

In your workflow, you can label each state with whatever you want. It can be a phrase or a sentence. What matters is what you want your users to see. Check this link Workflows for more information.

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Thanks, but you didn’t gave me the idea, I know the workflow but sometimes my employees didn’t remember who will do the action next.