How to track batch to customers

I am thinking of using ERPNext but there is one thing stopping me at the moment that I cant seem to find in the demo or playing around in a free account.

I need to be able to track which batches have gone to which customer for tractability reasons.
For example, if we have a problem with batch “X” we would like to be able to see which customers received product from that batch with a report of some sort.

Is this possible?

I have also been wondering how to do this.
I haven’t been able to find any method out of the box.
Is anyone able to confirm if the feature exists?

Many thanks,


Sorry for the delay in the response.

In the Delivery Note/Sales Invoice, with the Item details, Batch No. is updated as well. You can create a custom report on Delivery Note and filter-out Customer to who item from specific batch was delivered.

Please check following help link to learn how to create custom reports in ERPNext.

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Hello Umair,

Ive made the report as described and thats solved the problem for me.

Thanks for your help.

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