How to track in erpnext that email is read by client or not?

When ever i am sending email by using Email Campaign , I want to track this email , it is reed ot not

same issue here

To my knowledge, Frappe/Erpnext does not do this out of the box.
You can use your Email Server provider to track this, or any other 3rd party like MailerSend. Its easy to integrate via API the status of emails, and if the provider has webhooks then create an Endpoint on frappe and update your data.


Actually Frappe Framework manage mail tracking, but not all functions are using at now.

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when we sent an email if we tick this check box as mention bellow

so when we Recipient reads mail in communication there is a check box “Read by Recipient” will automatically set value by 1

Hi @Viral_Kansodiya:

This “Read receipt” check uses the classic method of mail servers (Disposition-Notification-To header). So, the recipient will be asked with the classic …


Mail tracking is a different (and “silent”) way to know if the recipient has read the message. The sender system adds a “magic pixel” hidden on the message body. When the message is opened, this pixel requests to the server. Some mail clients avoid this kind of tracking strategies …

Hope this helps.

yes, i exactly have the same issue, my gmail doesnt send email for read reciept and thats why i am not able to check if the email is read or not