How to track Journal Entry Made For example through Purchase invoice or Sales invoice Submit

Hi All
i need to know how to track The Journal Entry ID or serial which made through Purchase or Sales Invoice to make a report for them

In the Journal Entry Accounts table, Sales Invoice/Purchase Invoice ID is also updated. You can make a report on the Journal Entry and check which JV is linked with which invoice.


Thanks umair

Put i can’t find any Columns linked to Purchase or sales invoice in the journal account table “tabJournal Entry Account” only the journal voucher made manually from accounting module is there

Sales/Purchase INvoice ID will be updated in the Journal Entry name field only.

Dear Umair

Like you see in my screenshoot only parent and parent type is Journal Entry no Sales/Purchase INvoice there

I got Sales/Purchase INvoice records at GL Entry Report but the problem it’s not display the deleted records which is important for tracking also


Any update

You will find sales invoice and purchase invoice id in the “Reference Name” field inside Journal Entry child table.