How to Track Parchase Order and shipping invoice

PO has created to an export supplier. The supplier will inform the shipment service provider whom we have authorised to track and shipping to be done.

PO Tracking and shipping invoice submitted by Service provider (SP).
Many POs’ goods are delivered by SP, and SP is providing credit to us and a monthly invoice is submitted by SP.

Tracking of SP shipments

Goods are collected by SP and the tracking number is provided
To update the tracking number against the PO (multiple tracking numbers may be possible for one PO)
Receive the goods and capture Material Receipt
Update the tracking number as provided by SP against the receipt

SP Invoices against shipments

The shipping charges for the consignments are invoiced to STIRA on a monthly basis

SP submit the invoice to us
While creating the Invoice, need to capture the tracking number
Map the tracking number with the one updated in receipt
Map the receipt with the respective purchase order

How to address the above scenario in ERPNext? Can I know please?

You will be required to do some customizations but did you check Shipment