How to track prepurchased hours of technical support?


I have the following scenario which I’d like to see if it’s possible to track via ERPNext.

Our clients can prepurchase a fixed amount of hours for technical support at a lower rate that they can use in the next 3 months and then they expire.

Is there a way to actually track these hours they consume in ERPNext and how to do so?

Also can ERPNext award and track loyalty/reward points given to customers that repurchase products which they can then use for discounts?

Thanks in advance

@gabtzi there’s no straightforward way to do it.

A workaround would be to create an Item, up its stock and then make delivery notes / sales invoice with update stock to keep reducing its stock.

It is a great feature request though. Could you elaborate and put it up on github?

Ideally this should be possible using Time Logs and Projects.

A rewards system is a whole new feature request which can go as complex as you want.


Unfortunately stock levels would only work if they were linked to each customer otherwise no way to know how much each customer used.

I will elaborate and put on github later today.

I think this will be a useful feature for lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals who bill by the hour.

We use Projects and Time Logs at the moment


I’ve tried experimenting with project and time logs and I have a couple of questions.

Let’s say that for my project I have 3 tasks to do but they don’t have to be done concurrently.
For various reasons I might start with task 1 today, work for half an hour then proceed to task 2 or 3 etc etc.
The next day I do a couple of hours work, then a few minutes on each task.

In total my task 1 could be like 15 hours of work spread within a 3 weeks period
and task 2 could be 10 hours within a 1 week period.

For personal reasons I might not want to charge the full hours but a sum of 5 hours to each task.

First case is that I actually log everything completely with exact hours/minutes and end up with 50-60 time log entries for each task of this project which sum up to 15 hours of work for task 1. Do I then have to backtrack and start making some of the time log entries billable until I reach the sum of 5hours that I want to charge?

What I would think I should be able to do in this case is mark 1 time log entry with a span from the date task 1 started until task 1 stopped and set some value as the billable hours for this time period.

How do you propose I should work around this issue to use Projects/Time logs as they are now?

Thanks in advance

Hi @gabtzi

Your best to

  1. Create a Sales Order with Item “Hours”
  2. Create Project and track your hours with Time Sheet (marking these as billable)
  3. Decide when you would like to bill hours and decide on how many (which ours)
  4. create a Delivery Note with the no of hours chosen
  5. create an invoice linking the project. No all Time Sheets that are marked as billable will be fetched to your invoice.
  6. Delete all the Time Sheets from your invoice that you do not won’t to bill for now
  7. Submit your invoice
  8. Repeat 3.-7. until hours on your Sales Order are consumed
  9. Approach your customer and sell more hours :slight_smile:

Hope that helps

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