How to track Serial No when partial qty was consumed from it. Also, remaining qty is at same warehouse

In Stock, Serial No has its own importance. We can track Item Warehouse with Serial No. Also, it’s beneficial for Warranty tracking. As far as of know, It is okay where serial no. generated for a single unit. But, still, need to be improved for different-different industries. I’m trying to do some initiative on this, but need some mentorship.

Anyone can be stuck at the point, where fractions of units from Serial No has to be consumed, and the remaining unit has to be stored at same warehouse. Also, get report of fractional part movement either sold or transfer, and remaining partial unit at same as it is.

This can be done, by adding some custom fields at serial no item field to store actual qty of that particular serial no (it may be variable for each serial from same item purchased/manufactured), so how these remaining fractions has to be managed? Suggestions are most welcome.

Or, I’m missing something, that it can be managed by some typical process, like creating BOM or production, or Material Transfer. Please enlighten here, if you played earlier with this. It will be helpful for everyone.

Have you tried using batches instead of serial numbers? I am not familiar enough with them to say if they would work perfectly for you you but they might.

EDIT: I just tried out an item that was tracked by batch number and you can sell portions of it until it is empty. In which case you would need to order a new batch.

From what I understand about your question using batches in stead of serial numbers would work better for you.

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I’ll surely play with Batch No. as well. But, I have to play keeping mind of UOM of product. I’ll let you know, that it worked or have to dive more. Thanks @seanfalloy :slight_smile: !!