How to track various government related returns in erpnext?


I would like to know if there is a way we could track our legal returns in erpnext. Like

  • Sales Tax Returns (filed monthly or quaterly)
  • Income Tax Returns (filed annually)
  • Excise Returns (filed annually)
  • TDS Returns (filed quarterly)
  • Service Tax Returns (filed monthly or quarterly)
  • Labor and HR related returns for ESI and EPF

The above is a small list of returns which we in India as manufacturers do make on a regular basis, I am sure there are going to be other returns in India which I have missed and the community can point out which are the returns that people file in India and other countries which can be tracked.

Now I don’t think that there is a way to track these currently but I guess it would be great if we could do so, the basic problem why I ask for such a feature is because many a times we file a return and then after filing a return certain entries are made in back date which thereby makes the current returns wrong.

For example, if I submit my sales tax return, which is basically the return about Sales and Purchase, on say like 16-Jan-2015, for month of Dec-2014 then it should ideally lock all the transactions of Purchase and Sales prior to this period (dec-2014) also it should lock all the accounts related to Sales Tax returns in the GL so that no body can make any transactions for these accounts or create new Purchase Invoice or Sales Invoices for the period prior to this period.

I know that there is a current system to lock the accounts upto a date but that feature is a very basic feature and I think a more advanced version should be present since all the returns are not always in the same period as some returns are filed on a monthly basis and some returns are filed are quarterly and some are filed annually.

So locking the accounts basically does not really solve the purpose in a simple manner.

I hope the team could take this thing into future plans when they have time for such things.

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I agree. +1 this is a need of the day.

Good suggestion. This needs to be implemented asap.

+1. Should be taken on priority.

@Anshul_Jain, @Deven_Shah make a spec, sponsor

Any update on this? Has this particular feature been implemented?