How to Transfer User Permissions, Roles, and Document Access from existing User to a New User?

I’m encountering a challenge in ERPNext regarding transferring user permissions, roles, and document access from an employee who has left the organization to a new user. When an employee exits the organization, it’s crucial to smoothly transition their responsibilities to a replacement. This involves duplicating their role, permissions, and document access to maintain workflow continuity, including conditions such as “doc.user == frappe.session.user” at the document level.

Could someone kindly advise on the most efficient method to accomplish this in ERPNext? Any insights or guidance on best practices for this process would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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Hi @Mansi,

maybe, it’s not possible, right now. We looked into it, but couldn’t find a way to transfer user permissions and roles directly. One workaround could be to rename the user who left the organization, but it’s still a bit tricky, especially with setting up user permissions. So, for now, the only option is to manually set up the permissions and roles for the new user.

Thank You!

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