How to translate website front view

Hi all,
Can anybody please suggest the best way to translate the front end website
(not the desk view)
the language option will be stored in a session variable.
Please help with any comments or suggestions or anything you know about translation.

For now, option of multi-lingual website is not available in the ERPNext. Perhaps you should look for the plugin of chrome or other translation service for this purpose.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I’ve tried google’s translation service but the problem is that the translated words are chosen by google :neutral_face:
It might end up with wrong interpreting and might result in bigger trouble :smile:
So I’ve decided to add columns everywhere where the data is took from the tables., for eg: for the menu, I am adding a label__arabic column and switch between label and label__arabic in html when its passed through the url, like
and keeping an extra block in html template for the second language where it comes static.
Please let me know what you think about it.

And is there a way to pass the preferred lang to the backend without using the get method? something which works like injectors in angular to do in frappe?