How to trigger event on 'Done' button click in table grid row?


I found tutorial for trigger event on deletion of grid row

Is there any way to trigger event on done button click on grid row ?

I need to validate data in grid on done button clicked.mandatory checking works in save button only.

Please let me know how to give validation on child table done button click


Don’t know about on done button click.
but there is event which calls when you click on any row.

TABLE-NAME_on_form_rendered = function(doc, cdt, cdn){    
msgprint("On child table form render");   

   // e.g.
    items_on_form_rendered = function(doc, cdt, cdn){    
    msgprint("On click of sales order item row");   

May be it will helpful for you.


Hii @kolate_sambhaji

where should I impement that logic??

I have a similar requirement, want to trigger event when a select drop-down is clicked in a child table. For ex: When I click on the drop-down for a custom attribute of type select in sales order item.