How to **unlink the price with the items?**

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I’ve question in regards to when I create an item code and item name with price and save it, later when I need to use it again for another order but need to use with different price it shows discount.

For ex:
I created Transportation Charges with price of RM XXX, then I save it and submit the Sales Order.

Then next, I’m creating a new Sales Order using the same item (Transportaton Charges) but this time with different price.
This time it will shows “Discount” as the Transportation Charges have been locked with the first price created.

Is there anyway to unlink the price with the items?

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Have you seen the help for pricelist. This should give you some information on how to work with multiple prices for a particular item

Seen and read on those. Yes I know that we can list a price for an Item with ranges of pricelist. But that is not what we need as our pricing is never fixed as we not only supplying goods but as well services which is charges at different price almost all the time.

It is great to have the goods/services registered… But I just need to not link the price with the goods/services.

Thanks a lot for the reply though.