How to unregister or dequeue functions and scripts?

I really would like to customize erpnext without hacking it, that means creating and adding customizations to my own app. The point is that sometimes things just stack up on top of previous erpnext settings and I’d like a different implementation. For example, adding my own footer to emails just adds a new footer below the erpnext one, which is not what i meant.

So I wonder if there’s a way like in wordpress, to deregister and dequeue functions and scripts and add my own instead. That would be great in order not have to modify erpnext itself, but i didn’t find reference so far.

I would also like to change the welcome to erpnext page a little bit, and in the future i would like to use my own version of bootstrap and icons and stuff instead of the original ones.

Any help please?

Customization happens in erpnext via hooks. Unfortunately there is no way to de-queue hooks as of now.

You can change the UI by adding your own extensions to bootstrap via an app.

You can also help you contributing patches for your requirements!

Ok thank you pal! Sure I will contribute as soon as I figure out how the system works and can do it :slight_smile: I’m happy to help. This will take time because there is little documentation and all I can do is run through the code, ask and wait for someone to answer on forums. This is a slow process unfortunately. So my understanding is correct: as of today you cannot change or remove, just add stuff and work around the system, not through it.

I think knowing this and stating it clearly will help a lot of people scratching their heads trying to accomplish things the system is now not designed to allow.