How to update BOM after material transfer from production order?

After transferring materiel from store ware house to work in progress ware house(after submission of BOM and Production order),we need to add some extra material for the same product in bom.

We already tried to create new bom with same item.but it shows message that only one product can be created from sales order.

How to add new material for a product after production and bom submission.


OK.But is it possible to change production order and bom after submission and material transfer for manufacturing.because some times we need to add some extra material in bom after the production order and bom submission.What will i do if the actual material used is less than material in bom

I have the exact same question. It is always possible to use a regular Material Transfer and link it with the project used for the manufacturing process, but then this material would not be consumed by the resulting product.

What would be the best way to handle this situation?

Anyone with experience in manufacturing, please advise on how to address this situation.

Thank you very much

Maybe the subject of this topic is misleading.

Here is the situation I am facing:

We need to produce item X which is built from raw material Y and Z. A production order is raised along with the needed material transfer. At the production site (or warehouse), raw material item Y is rejected. When trying to raise another material request of type Material request for Manufacture or Manufacture, the system rejects it saying that all material has already been transferred for this production order. As explained before, we can always create a regular material transfer and link it with a project in order to track it, but then this item will not be consumed by the resulting item and will need to be removed manually I guess.

What would be the best way to handle this situation?

Thank you

@lefebvre_bern Did you get the solution?

@munim, no, the best way I could find to handle this situation is to cancel the original stock entry created when launching the production and amend it to reflect the affected quantities.

@renjukumar @lefebvre_bern I am assuming that - You have submitted BOM, Production Order, Start Production, Transfer material for production.

Now you want to transfer more material for that production order.

  1. In manufacturing setting make Backflush Raw Materials Based On = Material transfer for manufacture.
  2. In stock entry make a new entry Purpose = Material transfer for manufacture. with same production order. You can also easily do it by duplicating that stock entry.
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to do as @munim said…if I’m not wrong… you must be on V7.2.x onwards

@jof2jc Yes you are right