How to update child row field with its functionality intact?

I have made a small change in Quotation Item Field.

There is one rate field in Quotation Item table. I want it to be populated from my own custom_price field (don’t ask me reason why)
Custom_price field is also on Quotation Item table which I added.

Normally when we enter the value in rate, other fields get populated like amount, base_rate, net_rate etc.

I want to enter data into price field, from there when that field is changing, I am updating value of the rate field as the price field. And then I am refreshing the table row. But my other fields like net_rate, amount etc are not getting populated as in normal case.



This is my function which listens on custom_price field inside the quotation item table and then a function to update rate through javascript.

Value is getting updated on the rate field but the other fields which were dependent on rate field are not.

Can anyone help me on this?