How to update erpnext from v10 to v11

Update from V-10 to V-11

1- change master to mater pass cd frappe/app/erp/.git/nano conficg

2- bench switch-to-master

3- bench setup requirements

4- bench update --patch

master is not V11.
You must use branch version-11

bench switch-to-branch version-11

Since the v11/v12 changes, ERPNext upgrades quite weirdly - gives a bunch of messages which loop on themselves. To fix… (thanks to lasalesi who posted about this)

The default .git “config” file has a section…
[remote “upstream”]
fetch = +refs/heads/master:refs/remotes/upstream/master
“master” needs to become "" #all occurrences, NB!: without the quotes
[remote “upstream”]
fetch = +refs/heads/
Edit the file: apps > erpnext> .git > config :


sed -i.bak ‘s//master//*/g’ ~/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/.git/config

replaces /master with /* (and makes a copy of the original file to *.bak)


bench switch-to-branch version-11 frappe erpnext

make sure you switch BOTH! (frappe erpnext)
his download is ~750MB, so it takes a while

bench update --patch

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