How to update erpnext

I want complete command set to update erpnext, which do not affect existing site.
If I’m using erpnext 13 so the command will update only 13 version and its patch level udpate.
Please guide me
Thank you…

you can use this command

bench --site <site_name> update

and it will guide you through update
and if you face any problem message me to do it for you

which do not affect existing site

This is at odds with what you are asking for. You can update Frappe and ERPNext, which means you will get the new features, which effects the existing site. Minor version changes present new features and/or breaking changes in these applications, despite being labeled with something like semantic versioning.


Are you asking to update only the patch portion of semantic versioning?

  • Update from 13.8.1 to 13.8.12
  • But do not update from 13.8.1 to 13.9.0


This is exactly why DevOps exists. Iron out the updates before publicly releasing. Sounds like the Megha007 needs to create a dev environment for updates

actually I mean that there is no error in existing functionality.
If I update erpnext bug and fixes only just like from 13.28 to 13.35.
Actually previously I’ve update the erpnext my site going to cannot be reach and after that I had to format system and reinstall the bench and ERPNext.

I think you got my point??

I want to update from 13.8 to 13.9.
got it ?

bench update --reset

bench migrate

bench clear-cache

what --reset flag do ?

Ignore local changes and update

Okay… Thank you…

May I need one more help, will you ?