How to update item prices in submitted orders

I need to update item prices in sales orders that were submitted from a certain date.
Any suggestions on how to go about it?

You can cancel the SO and the amend button will appear to edit the item prices.

Yes but I have about hundred SOs with atleast 10items each. so that will be amending around 2000fields.
I was looking for a way where I could upload items in sales orders and system automatically updates the prices according to item-price and pricing rule

I think there’s no easy way to bulk-edit submitted documents… Have those sales orders been converted to Delivery Note or Invoices?

If not yet, then you can try to write some python scripts to cancel those orders, loop the items and edit the prices for each order then resubmit it…

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do you think it is possible to change it straight in the database.

Are Item-prices linked to sales orders?
On deletion of item prices, I observed that sales orders can’t be converted into delivery notes.
It shows “duplicate item-price” error.
Will it be possible to comment out this validation temporarily? Are there side-effects to this?