How to update item web page link?


Few web page link for item is wrongly configured through item group structure. And this result:

  • When user click on lets say “item-x” , its getting redirected to “item-y” on website product page.

Rebuilding the item group inside website section is not solving the problem. Pls suggest.



Please provide:

  1. Screenshot (via imgur) of items in question, with “Published on Website at” and “Item Group” covered.
  2. Link of these (or sample) items on the website.

Ensure if Item Group has “Show in Website” checked. If you save Item after its Item Group is published, then “Published on Website at” is updated for an item as well.


Item details in stock:

Item setup for in website section

Item section on website product page

Post click it re-directs on 45640 product page


@sunilsrikumar try clearing cache by saving Website > Website Settings

Clear cache but no luck. Will do R&D today on this.


@sunilsrikumar lets take this up privately via chat today.