How to update MariaDB password fpr ERPNext

Hi everyone,

During installation I used a basic MariaDB password, and now I’d like to update it.

I have googled how to change MariaDB password (which require restarting MariaDB server first, which probably means I’ll need to stop ERPNext production mode first).

Once the password is changed from within MariaDB, how do I update my ERPNext website to use the new password? site_config.json shows an encrypted password, hence I doubt I change it from there.

The passwords in site-config.json are not encrypted. They just look like it. But they are actually plain text. You can copy/paste them, type them manually, etc.

Ah, but the password on the file is not the password that I actually setup for MariaDB, so I assumed that it’s coded somehow, and if I just type the new MariaDB password into the file it won’t work?

It’s not the root password. The installation generates a database user name and password.