How to update new development from github

my friends had developed new feature and he had uploaded in his github account. so i want to update form his github acclount to my erpnext system, how i can do?.. before also i install from his account. now he had developed many new feature.


Installing third party apps uses the same syntax as installing Frappe and ERPNext. Here’s the cheatsheet. So it’ll be something like:

bench get-app mytrustyfriendsapp
bench install-app mytrustyfriendsapp

no to install as new… i want to update . when i run ur commend, it say directory already exited. how can update

In case the new feature development was in a fork of the ERPNext repo, you will need to add that fork as a remote and then switch to the corresponding branch. Something like this

$ cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext
$ git add remote <name> <url>
$ git fetch <name>
$ git checkout <name> <branch>

Replace with a name for the fork (e.g. friendsrepo), the should be something like and branch is the name of the branch with the new features. Then, updating is as easy as running

$ git pull

Do not forget to run

$ cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench
$ bench migrate
$ bench restart

Hope this helps.