How to update splash screen?

Hello, how I can update the splash screen. I read some topic that said I need to add

website_context = {
	"splash_image": "/assets/custom_app/images/splash-screen.png"

to my custom_app I tried that but it didn’t work. It still load ERPNext logo

I also tried add this to my

update_website_context = ‘custom_app.custom_app.utils.update_website_context’

and the code is

def update_website_context(context):
          splash_image = '/assets/custom_app/images/splash-screen.png'
     return context

but it didn’t work too.

I use
ERPNext: v12.1.5 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.0.15 (version-12)

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  1. Further changes will be easier if you’re in developer mode

    bench set-config developer_mode 1

  1. You may need to restart your bench; changes to hooks are not always picked up without restarting.

    bench start

  2. Try running this and testing it againg

    bench build

  3. Confirm that your path is correct (this usually where I go wrong).

    bench console

    [0]: from pathlib import Path
    [1]: p = Path().cwd()
    [2]: p = p / ‘assets’ / ‘custom_app’ / ‘images’ / ‘splash-screen.png’
    [3]: p.is_file()

I already in developer mode.

I already run bench build and bench clear-cache but still not working

Both website_context and update_website_context should be working?

I am only using website_context in, not update_website_context.

website_context = {
	"favicon": '/assets/my_app/images/favicon-96x96.png',
	"splash_image": "/assets/my_app/images/splash-screen.png"
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Need to restart the server
if production
bench restart


if not production
Ctrl + C to stop the server
bench start