How to update the erpnext v5?

Now I Want To Update My ERPNext ??What I Do And What Is A Command to update??

what version are you running now?

ErpNext Version 4.13.1

run “bench update --upgrade”

ikhlas1@ikhlas1:~$ bench update --upgrade
Usage: bench update [OPTIONS]

Error: no such option: --upgrade

this error is came when i update the erpnext…!!!Now What i Do???

run bench switch-to-develop and bench update

No Such Command “Switch-to-develop”.
Now What i Do???

where ru running this commands, pls provide screen shot for better understanding.

I Am Starting Person Of The Erp Implmentation…

pls run this commands in bench-frappe folder and check.

Yeah Man …I Try It in Frappe-bench Also The Same Error Is Come Back…

bench switch-to-develop is without the --

Same Error Is Come BAck…

Run a bench update and try again

yeah try it same error…Please tell Cleary And Step by Step…

How To Update A Erpnext To v5…Please Share Clearly…