How to update the frappe and frappe apps(erpnext) to latest version?

Now i m using frappe and erpnext ver4.12 …But I want to update To latest version with the customize doctype also…which command are i want to Do…

@Mohamed_Sajid I would strongly recommend you work with a developer who has some experience in updating erpnext 4-5

Ok…how to updaate to latest version???

Hi @Mohamed_Sajid what @rmehta is saying is correct. There have been significant changes from version 4 to 5 and from version 5 to 6. I am not a Unix novice and I had difficulties updating everything. I would say that the update procedures are all documented in the forum and github issues but if you havent been updating for that long you either have to spend some time reading and trouble shooting or you should have Frappe do this as a paid service or a service provider.


If you are developer you can follow this approach, otherwise you can post jobs @

  1. Take v4 backup and restore it to another v4 server. Update v4 server to latest v4.
  2. Take backup of latest v4 database
  3. Install v5 in another server
  4. Restore database and run bench migrate
  5. check if all works fine by doing dummy transaction
  6. take a backup and update it to latest v6

Note: in mean time you need to install some dependency like pillow, node.js or need to some configuration but you can solve this by searching answer in forum. Many issues already answered.
I think $100-$200 is enough for updating ERPNext v4 to v6.

Some useful reference: