How to update to a Specific Release to restore Backup

i have install erpnext version 13.49.10 and frappe version 13.51.3, but i have backup file which version is (frappe V-13.19.0) and (erpnent V-13.19.0), how to restore the backup file or how to update my release to frappe V13.19.0 and erpnext V-13.19.0.


You can restore the backup of Version - 13.19.0 to the version 13.49.10 without any issue.

Don’t forget to run bench --site yoursitename migrate command after restore.

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bench --site yoursitename restore database_file_name_path --with-private-files private_file_name_path --with-public-files public_file_name_path

bench --site yoursitename migrate
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Thank you very much,
I have successful restore my backup by entering these two commands.

I restored backup without updating release.