How to update warehouse based on Date

How to avoid the Repeatation of warehouse based on date

please elaborate with an example

if one warehouse is created on particular date while creating the same warehouse on same date.
how to find …it is already created

warehouses are identified by their primary key - called name - and it catches whenever a same name warehouse is already existing or not.

Say for example you wish to create a warehouse named ‘Replacement Warehouse’. Assuming one was already created the system will throw error since its primary key name will be conflicted against a similar one.

However, if names are different then it would be recorded, since both are distinct names. So from the point of view of the program, all is good but for us it may not be the same.

Here’s an example :

Adding new warehouse ‘Replacement Warehouse’


Now adding ‘Replacement_Warehouse’ (notice the underscore)


No conflicts at all. I don’t know if this should be counted as a bug but then there are so many ways to mean the same name and it all depends on the interpretation of the user.


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For eg In Doctype - Sales Report 1 -am creating warehouse as ‘Replacement Warehouse’ and Date - ‘10-08-2018’ and in Sales Report2 if am again creating warehouse as ’ Replacement Warehouse’ and in Same date ‘10-08-2018’. In this case …How it will find same warehouse and Date exsisted

I think you mention how will it catch duplication right ?

As I already mentioned, it evaluates on the basis of the name not on the date created. I will state it again for you in more clearer terms :

  1. When you create a warehouse, every warehouse has a unique name by which it will be found in the database.
  2. If the user is creating a warehouse, this name before set will be checked if it does not match any other Warehouse name. If there is conflict it will show error like this -


Checking warehouse duplication on the basis of creation date does not seem to be a good idea.

Thank you…