How to update your old custom apps(built on v9 and below) to install on latest versions

Now this seems the most common problem i have seen in many posts regarding either creating or installing new apps –
saw a few solutions which actually does not apply to apps built on v9 , v8 and before ,

the solution in this suggests changing some minor texts in setup file ,
but the thing is the app i built on v8 , the setup file doesn’t look anything like this, not even the file structure ( what is this egg_info files)

file structure and setup files look something like this

which gives below error while installing ,

are there simple steps to make these old apps compatible and install on the latest versions , v10 and v11 ?

Hi try it

./env/bin/pip install --upgrade pip==9.0.3

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Thanks , it does solve the problem currently ,

but i wouldn’t say its a proper final solution to need to roll back pip everytime ,
instead there should be something that will upgrade the applications themselves to be compatible to latest versions of everything.

thanks for the help though

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for the pip issue we do this

try: # for pip >= 10
    from pip._internal.req import parse_requirements
except ImportError: # for pip <= 9.0.3
   from pip.req import parse_requirements


And that is simply a matter of resources and motivation Kickstarting Foundation and Goals for 2019!

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