How to upgrade erpnext cloud to v12?

i am using erpnext cloud paid version i dont know how to upgrade system to v12?


If you have access to your VM, Follow these steps to switch to v12

  1. Go to frappe-bench folder and from there run bench switch-to-develop followed by bench update --patch

This is how you’ll upgarde the system to v12.

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Cloud users will be automatically updated by ERPNext Team…

can you update just a site?


From the frappe-bench folder, you can run this command bench use [site-name] and follow the above command. This will update to that site only, I guess!

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I don’t believe you can. All sites in a single bench run on the same apps code which is bound to a certain version.

you can, however, create an additional bench on the same server I guess, which could run a different version of ERPnext/frappe.

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How soon rk-root? I have unresolved payroll issues with V11.

Welcome to the ERPNext forum:

If no note on that here or on the v12 Release Notes please email the cloud folks here then report here what they advise you thanks!

Thanks for the advice Clarkej. This is a long outstanding query and thy’re just quiet. That’s why I think an upgrqade to V12 may help. Thing is, I’m on the cloud and they’re the only ones who can upgrade me. Meanwhile they keep reminding me about my expiring subscription. With due respect how am I supposed to renew the subscription when the payroll is not working?:grimacing:

Great to see the enthusiasm!

Existing users will be upgraded on demand once post release bugs in V12 are stabilized.

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is it not bench update and bench switch-to-branch version-12 --upgrade

Hello @Vinob_chander_Ramasw,
This will work too! :slight_smile:

Hi there! I recently got a message that ERPNext V12 is available. Support then informed me I have to wait for my turn to upgrade. Anyone out there on V12 (Cloud) already? Is payroll working ok on V12?