How to upgrade ERPnext from V14 to V15 on the 20th of October?

I’d appreciate if anyone could guide me on how to upgrade ERPnext the right way. I’m getting ready for the new version specifically to use the BOM Creator Tool. If anyone has the commands or articles I could read up on. That would help a ton

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Thank you for that. It doesn’t have any guide on how to upgrade ERPNext V15. Do you possibly have another resource?

Version 13:
Python 3.7 or Python 3.8
Node.js 14
MariaDB 10.3+

Version 14:
Python 3.10 or Python 3.11
Node.js 14 or 16
MariaDB 10.6.6+

Version 15/Nightly:
Python 3.10 or Python 3.11
Node.js 18
MariaDB 10.6.6+

Common for all Frappe versions:
Redis 6 (caching and realtime updates)
yarn 1.12+ (js dependency manager)
pip 20+ (py dependency manager)
wkhtmltopdf (version 0.12.5 with patched qt) (for pdf generation)
cron (bench’s scheduled jobs: automated certificate renewal, scheduled backups)
NGINX (proxying multitenant sites in production)

PS: don’t forget to update your node.js version

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