How to upgrade / update

How can I upgrade ERPNext,

I tried bench update it looks like it’s doing something, I see Backing up sites... but it quits quietly and the ERPNext site stays stuck in maintenance mode. I need to edit common_site_config.json to disable maintenance mode and then when I check the version of ERPNext, it’s still on the old version.

(I have v12.14 installed, trying to upgrade to v12.15)

Please share complete error Traceback, it is not enough information to understand.

bench update --patch && bench update
bench update --upgrade
bench setup requirements
bench migrate
bench build
bench restart


This is what I find confusing, I have no errors, just that the process don’t seem to upgrade my ERPNext installation.

I’ve done all of those steps you provided (and all steps seem to have completed successfully), and I am still on version 12.14.

What am I doing wrong?

Only bench update is enough but don’t have any idea what is wrong on your side.

bench update --requriements
bench retry-upgrade

bench clear-cache
bench clear-website-cache

bench reload nginx
bench restart nginx
bench supervisorctl restart all
bench restart

Aren’t ‘bench start’ and ‘supervisor start’ mutually exclusive (one or the other, but not both)?

I redid all of those steps. I think in the end what worked was a bench retry-upgrade and and bench restart.

Not sure what went wrong, but glad to have sorted this out.

Thanks for your help

Yes, you are right, For Developer Mode :

bench restart 

and For Production Mode :

bench restart nginx
bench supervisorctl restart all