How to upgrade V6 to V7 and then V8

HI All,

My current version is 6.23. Upgrading directly to V8 starts giving problems because of
introduction of features like paymenttools, schools etc in V7.

I am thinking if I upgrade directly to V7 first and then V8, probably I will be able to bypass
these issues. Also this might be the case with some of the installations, we might
have missed an update because of so many reasons. So, is there any documented
way to upgrade to next version and then subsequently upgrade to latest.

If it is possible, I am sure it will help many.


@SandeepAthiyarath: I would recommend setting up a fresh new copy of ERPNext 8 and then do the data import from your current ERPNext 6.23 there, using ERPNext’s Data Import tool.

Hi @SandeepAthiyarath,

Data import would not be working because database table structure has been changed at version 7 and 8.
So my suggestion is that you need set-up ERPNext under docker and your ERPNext version will be fixed under docker.
ERPNext would not be working properly if you changed version

Hi arif

Thanks for your response. Yes I agree with you that data import may not be the right
method to upgrade from v6 to v8. Actual problem here is that the upgrade scripts
are not addressing the dependencies when we upgrade from a version lower than
the previous version.

So thought we will upgrade first to next version and then to the latest in a sequential way.


If you can do this in a test environment, maybe go ahead with the v6 to v8 direct upgrade process. If patches fail, post here or on github. I’m pretty sure they will be fixed.

It will not be a one day process, but will most likely help the community at large.