How to upload image on adding

I created a doctype test that has image field type then i click new in test and then i tried to upload image i get a message submit form before adding image can i change this functionality so that i can add image at same time i click save button

Submitting document to attach an image is not mandatory. Can you please share the screenshot of your custom Doctype and Field, so that we can check from here? This issue seems to the way you have added custom doctype/field, hence we will have to check to be able to assist you on it.

@umair please see the screen shot

Add some database field based on which Document ID will be generated. And then try to upload an image in the field, and then try saving.

P.S: Don’t assign permission to admin but other roles like System Manager, Sales User, Accounts managed etc.

Even if you are testing, please enter good data for Doctype to get proper results.


sorry but i did’t get that please clarify

@umair please clarify

Would you please elaborate a little? It would be a great help.

Where you able to save the document? If yes, then after that uploading file should work just fine.

Hi, anyone has this solution. I have the same problem