How to upload multiple image for one item

Dear all
I need to have multiple images for one item, to show an item from different angles on website,
but as I see we can only have single image for an item.

please tell me the solution
thank you
erpnext v101.17

Hi Zia,

For the slideshow functionality you can refer this:

Hi @kennethsequeira thanks for replying me
I need multiple images for website at checkout time, customers should see an item from different angles
Isn’t there any solution?

Hello @zia,

We developed “Item Multi zooming” functionality. Please refer the below link of pull request.
I hope it will be helpful for you.


In which version of ERPNext this feature is availabl? my version is 10.1.17 (I have some local changes cant pull now)
and also
my website is in Shopify platform, I need item with multiple image to sync to shopify.

thank you