How to use Add Multiple in Task Tree

I am in the Task Tree and have a Task (with Is Group option set). Now I want to add multiple subtasks. I click on the Task and several Buttons appear, on named Add Multiple. When I click it, a text area appears.

What am I supposed to do now? I tried entering titles for the subtasks, on by line. But if I enter mor than one line, I get an error message: Error: Value missing for Task: Subject

What am I doing wrong?


You might be getting error because of leaving a blank line between the names of two subtasks. Each new line should contain the name of subtask and blank line shouldn’t be left.

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I didn’t leave blank lines, but I made the “mistake” of adding a newline after the last line.
Without this newline, it works. Thank you for you video, it was very helpful for finding this out.

Now, if I want to be helpful myself, should I:

  1. Just get accustomed to it or
  2. FIle a bug report or
  3. File a feature request.

(FIx it and make a pull request certainly would be best, but I am not yet up to that)

We are already working on making this more user-friendly so that while adding multiple task we can also provide more details rather than just the subtasks name.

So, I guess you can use this for now and wait for an update pretty soon. :+1:

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Is this a general overhaul of the project management module? If so, I’d like to hear more about the planned features and the release plan.