How to use alternative item in purchase receipt

Hi there, first just wanna say thanks for the amazing software!

Is there a way to use an item alternative in a purchase receipt? Let me explain.

I deal with a distributor and I placed an order with them. Let’s say I ordered multiple items and among them there is 10 blue bottles with a specific item id number. The distributor, being back order on the blue bottles, offered to send in green bottles instead, which have a different item id number. The rest of the order stays as expected.

When I try to create a purchase receipt for this order, obviously the software does not allow me to change one item id number (blue bottles) for the other (green bottles). I read the manual and tried using “Item Alternative”, without success.

Can someone tell me how I should deal with this? I hoped to simply enter an item alternative item id number in the purchase receipt, but that does not seem to be supported…

Thank you very much.

Have you tried with “Update items” to modify the PO?

Hi Francisco and thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately I do not see the Update Items button when I open my PO. Could it be due to my PO already invoiced and partially received (I already received parts of that order)?

Anyone? :slight_smile:

Yes, once it’s invoiced, can’t be changed. You could cancel the purchase invoice to “Update items” at PO.

Not sure if this feature available under PO receipt transaction,

under this page, talks on work order and stock entry.
half solutions:
A-split PO line into two lines respectively
B-receive PO line with existing item code, then adjust stock qty by issuing and receiving blue and green respectively.

Thank you to both of you. Indeed, cancelling the invoice allowed me to update the items in my PO. :+1:

It can’t be done right now. But this feature would be nice to work the same as Work Order “alternate part” but for purchase receipt. Sometime cancelling all previous transactions can be tedious and takes a lot of time.

Agreed, that would be nice, thanks for the clarification.