How to use Authorization Rule with Item Wise Discount %


i’m trying to achieve one authorization flow but unable to make it working.

my Use Case is:

for Sales Order,

Sales Man is allowed to Give upto 5% Discount on Items.
Manager has the right to give upto 10% Discount.
Operation Manager has Rights to give Discount upto 20%.
and Director has the rights to give discounts on items upto 50%.

how we can achieve this? i guess right now we just have the functionality to allow discount Amount limit. not discount %.
please correct me if i’m wrong.



Were you able to achieve the following use case? Can you share some light on it?


Hi @Basant_13,

yes we got it working. we did some changes to make it working according to our use case.

if you can share your use case, i can guide you batter how to proceed further.


My Use Case is:

for Quotation,

Sales Man is allowed to Give up to 40% Discount on Items.
Manager has the right to give up to 50% Discount.

Thank you @adnan

it should work if you try to implement. only challenge is, you have to create two authorization rules for each item.

if your item list is huge, like us, you need to do some customization to apply on Item Group or Customer Group.


But how did you manage the discount in % ?.


it’s applied in %. it’s not mentioned in documentation but the logic is upon %.

Test it. it’ll work

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