How to Use Custom Email Service

I am trying to setup erpnext and configure our email accounts. In the Setup > Email Accounts > … the only Service providers are gmail, yahoo, outlook, and yandex mail. Our email accounts are hosted on I tried leaving the service field blank and filled in the correct zoho imap/smtp settings but it just hung. Is there a way to use a different 3rd party email service from the ones in the dropdown box? I can’t find any reference in the docs or forum.

ERPNext: v6.27.22
Frappe Framework: v6.27.21

I’m on V7, and just setup an outside email service. Seems to be working.

Hello, @cpurbaugh

Have you tried for Outlook domain? If yes, how does that go, can you send across some screencaps?

Dear Matt,

First enter the correct settings for domain to be created on ERPNext email domain list. These settings would be same as when you configure zoho mail on any other mail client.

Post that use this domain in the Email accounts settings.

It should work. Hope this helps!