How to use/customize ERPNext for Garment/apparel manufacturing?

Greetings Community!
I am working on a project for a company which manufactures Custom Jackets.
So basically they get orders with different parameters like:

  • Collar type and color
  • Body material and color
  • Sleeves type and color
  • Snaps or zipper
  • Pockets type and color
  • Patches (images)
  • Dimensions too

I want to implement the manufacturing of Custom Jackets in ERPNext.
I did tried looking for solutions here, but they seems not that much clear.

Studying ERPNext manufacturing document, I think this is an “Engineer to Order” type of manufacturing.

So I watched this video by Frappe on ERPNext Engineer to Order. Got more confused, so like for each custom jacket do I have to create different Projects. Bit tricky to wrap my mind around.

ERPNext for clothes manufacturers - #5 by Sujay
Did checkout this discussion, it doesn’t seem very clear. What to do where to do.

This seems too customized, I’m a beginner so couldn’t customize this much or should I?

So like, do I have to create new item each time a jacket order is there?
How do I proceed? What steps should I take to implement the manufacturing process of custom jackets?

Any suggestions will help me a lot.
Thank you!

ERPNext manufacturing module is quite generic. You may be able to customize the production and operation doctypes to meet your needs. If you need more, I you will need to find a developer who can implement your requirements.