How to use ERPNext in a machine manufacturing and component servicing scenario

We have been trying to implement ERPNext in our industry where we manufacture machines for cutting. We also manufacture and regrind cutters used in our manufactured machines as well as for other similar machines available in the market. For new manufacturing the system works seamlessly and we are really impressed by the adaptability of the software.

For regrinding or servicing of the components we want your suggestion on how to implement, which is currently being done using an Access database, Following steps are involved in service scenario:

  1. We make customers material inwards entry which has the transporter details & Customer Gate pass etc.
  2. We issue an estimate based on the inward inspection of his components.
  3. We receive a work order from the customer.
  4. We issue Production order in our works to regrind the job
  5. After completion we do outward inspection
  6. Prepare Proforma invoice
  7. Receive payment and send the material.

This scenario is similar to that of servicing of a four wheeler.
Thanks in advance.

Some shallow thoughts:

  1. You can use Stock Entry with custom fields to track check-in and check-out of materials.
  2. Quotation / standard sales cycle for the rest of the process.

Thanks for your reply. It seems to be the only way how we can make it work but then there might be complications while using same item names for service and sales items.

I will give it a try and report thanks for the directions.

Just a thought, should we try to make new doctype under support module to try it out or would it create problems while upgrading to newer versions.

Thanks again.

You could make new doctypes too, but make sure you have the ability to maintain it.

Further to our discussion, I tried to include in doctype quotation field order_type following options

Service Quote
Service Estimate

but then the new record doesnt save and asks that the order type should be one of Sales, Maintenance or Shopping Cart.

Can we add these options somewhere in the code or do we have to stick by default options only. These are required for use in depend on property of custom fields.

Thanks for the support.

In this particular case, this is not customizable, you can add a custom field for this.

The scenario worked for us and we have made custom print formats for the various reports. The frappe.get_doc command was really helpful in getting values from linked tables.

We have one more issue to address. We have two companies and we want to put an image in the company table so that we can call it in print format as per company selection. The problem is that we cannot make an attach fieldtype in the company table. We also tried to make a custom field default letterhead but the letterhead link gave error on form display. Please suggest how we should address this.

Thanks again. We are really happy to have chosen this ERP software for our company.