How to use ERPnext

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i am just discovering ERPnext and trying to understand how is every piece wired up (or not).

Since there is no (usable) manual or a screencast showing the “real work” with ERPnext, all I can do is just guessing.

Just some simple cases:
I can produce time log entries, but those are only for projects?
So why cant I have a “customer issue”, turn that one into one or more tickets, split those tickets into tasks (not only maintenance visits), turn that task into a time log entry, so it can be billed?

How are you actually using this?
I saw the video from the conference, but it does not cover such “simple” workflows.

And even more:
Can those “to be billed” item show up in a list, so a backoffice employee knows what invoices are going to be created?
All i have seen so far is, that some timelog batches could be turned into an invoice.

Is there something like “batch printing”, so not every invoice must be created one by one?

ERPnext has so many pieces, and most of them make sense and could be used, but unfortunately, they seemed not to be wired (by default) or maybe its even not possible to wire them up.


basically this is an really well designed open source platform.
We have had a nearly same issue. We are testing ERPNext now for more than 2 months and are creating our own workflows with ERPNext.

It is now how ERPNext does it…in my eyes it is how you are used to it.
Basically a short case:
We create tickets for our customers, these tickets could be Open, Closed or Invoiced. Invoiced means that tickets/issues are closed AND invoiced. When the state changes to “closed” our secretary gets an email: Add it to existing draft or invoice directly…

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This chart gives an overview of all the operations

Most of the features added are actually user requests. In earlier times (2-3 years ago) we would just add them, not really having a deep thought about how they connect with other parts of the system. Over time, we have managed to cleanup a lot of this mess and the quest continues!