How To Use Features From Frappe GitHub?

I’ve been trying to add the feature of uploading images directly from camera into the system, then I found it on GitHub.
This is it:
feat: ability to attach photo from webcam by walstanb · Pull Request #12160 · frappe/frappe (
When I modified the two files with the code of the features, nothing changed in my system!
I did bench migrate & bench restart.
The developer said that:
" Camera button only appears if site is secure i.e navigator.MediaDevices is available. (Note: to test this locally, you’ll need to either use localhost or a sitename ending with .localhost)"
Let it be known that I’m currently using Frappe v13.

How can I get this feature into my system? And other features in the future?
I want to learn the correct way to pull the developers changes from frappe repo.


You could run bench update and the bench CLI will fetch the latest changes and perform all migrations/patches/builds for you.

I have multiple custom apps, so here’s what I do:

  1. git pull the latest changes in the Frappe repo.
  2. bench update --requirements --patch --build to install all packages, migrate and patch the DB and then build the database.