How to use on custom html pages

I have created a custom app with page_1.html , file have also defined page.js in public/js.
Added the js file to hooks as well
app_include_js = “/templates/pages/page.js”

I am trying to call a custom method on a custom page.
but getting error
Uncaught ReferenceError: frappe is not defined

Refer this.

Edit: On v11, you can use on webpages.

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Hi @Aniket_Shinde1
any updates on this issue?

I figured out the issue it is resolved now

What did you do to resolve this?

@Aniket_Shinde1 you didn’t explain your solution well. please help with detailed solution on this.

The solution that actually works is in this Tutorial 34 and Tutorial 35 by @mymi14s. Tutorial 34 solves the problem and Tutorial 35 fixes some error in 34.